How Do I Start Blogging and Make Money
How Do I Start Blogging and Make Money
It's not enough for a doctor's practice to be a good doctor. It is important to consider the place he establishes his practice, doesn't it? The choice of the most suitable platform for blogging is just as crucial as the content he's seeking to promote. This guide is designed specifically for anyone looking to create a blog for no cost. It is important to have the best blog site that is simple to use, easy to customize and simple to read for your readers! Are you thinking of sharing your thoughts on the internet? Do you want to earn some money just by sharing your thoughts on the vast internet space? You can find numerous websites for blogging that are free for you to begin your own blog. Of course, which blog platform you pick is totally dependent on your needs. Below are brief descriptions of the top 7 blogging platforms that will aid you in choosing which to select when you want to create a blog for no cost. COMPARED WITH 7 PERFECT PLATFORMS FOR BLOGGING Is WordPress the TOP BLOGGING PLATFORM? Most bloggers who are about to become bloggers who are currently blogging would have heard of WordPress in the course of their blogging or in their search on the subject. When embarking on this adventure you will be hesitant for a while before making a decision among or is more suited to users who want to use blogs for free, however requires hosting from the user. This means that you will have to spend some money to get the most from it, but it allows you to the full control to your site. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this platform and then determine if it's the right blogging option for your needs? Pros
  • Excellent content management system.
  • is an open source web-based builder, adding to its versatility.
  • Themes are available in a variety of styles, making it extremely adaptable for bloggers. There's a lot more when you use
  • A variety of free plugins are available for providing a wide range of options.
  • If you're trying to earn a profit through your blog You can opt for It is among the most popular blogging platforms used for online shopping.
  • It gives you plenty of opportunity to learn and grow. There are many communities and forums to assist you in your journey if you are having difficulty.
  • Self-hosting with will require you to put an amount of money. However the more you're prepared to put into it, the greater benefits you'll reap particularly if you're using the blog to promote your company and not for fun.
  • The limited design and plugins are available for but it's still similar to other blogging platforms.
  • It can take time to master the use of all the functions prior to gaining the greatest benefit. It can be time-consuming and difficult for those who are just beginning.
DIFFERENCE WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG The primary distinction to be attributed to to separating between them can be traced to the name of domain. If you've noticed, specifically that one of them has extension whereas the other one has an .com extension. This is where the mystery begins! Take a look at the amazing aspects that make them different from one another. For more detail please visit....
  1. is a software service-based business that provides hosting services to a large. is an informational data container that includes information that is mostly related to word press and its many aspects.
  1. offers hosting services for free. The installation process isn't easy, but it's not too difficult. The service is free and more than just an open-source platform that offers high-quality products for its users.
  1. The site is not customisable. No personalization of plug-ins, or modifications of the source code permitted. The website allows customization that is fairly feasible. Modifications to source code are simple to reap the maximum benefits.
  1. You must pay to remove those third-party advertisements. Pay no charges are required. SET UP YOUR OWN BLOG WITH WEEBLY Although another platform for blogging is also popular, Weebly is now mostly employed as a web-based site builder. With Weebly you can get your blog running in just a few minutes. Pros
  • Simple drag and drop feature for creating content on websites, thus giving an interactive interface.
  • It is a wonderful accessibility. It doesn't require you to be tech proficient to navigate to Weebly
  • Design and layout options that are attractive
  • It is not a time-consuming process, since it's fairly easy to figure out how to get through it
  • Perfect for users who want to build simple or basic websites.
  • Free hosting service offered for their websites
  • A platform designed to allow E-commerce
  • Monetization. Weebly offers many choices in this field, such as AdSense banner advertisements, banner ads and third-party codes
  • There isn't an open free website builder. It's not as flexible as with other players on the marketplace
  • There is a limit on pages for both the starter and free plans: Five pages with the former, and 10 , for the second. There are however two upgrade options to the starter plan that are available
  • Insufficient ability to customize
  • It does not support plugins, other than those that are already integrated. So, there's no way to install additional plugins.
  • Not the ideal choice for people looking to earn money by using complicated websites.
  1. You will be provided with a custom domain name which is basically of the form
  2. It provides free hosting, as well as publishing functions are managed by the website itself.
  3. If you're just beginning to learn and want to start blogging, this site is highly recommended as it offers an easy-to-use graphic interface that has a step by method instructions in the same way.
  1. The benefits that blogger is aiming for are extremely good. However, the customization options aren't as readily available and there's a sort of limited edition themes and graphics to use the similar.
  2. Since it's relatively simple to use, there's very little or no type of support offered through the website. You can however look up the internet to find any assistance you require while you create your blog.
Tumber - one of the most popular blogging platforms. Tumblr is a standout as one of the blogs that is free. It certainly is an internet platform that is primarily involved in community-based updates as well as posts, and offers an all-in-one shop appearance with its gallery layouts that are image-based. Below are a few pros and cons that will make it easier to distinguish it from the other popular blogging platforms. It will also give you an idea of which platform is best for your particular requirements. Give these platforms a try. Pros
  1. The simple and minimal features paired with an amazing user interface to help you create your own blog to serve your particular need.
  2. Similar to social network sites, it's actually a community-oriented website that has an amazing images with features for re-blogging and similar.
  3. Premium premium themes are available for sale at a reasonable price , not to mention the cost-effective hosting options it provides. The process of starting a blog on Tumblr is actually completely free!
  4. With attractive applications for diverse types of Smartphone that are mobile is a fantastic choice among the top blogging platforms.
  1. The ability to customize features to meet the needs of your users isn't offered on this huge platform. This is an enormous disadvantage for this wonderful, blog site that is free to use.
  2. There are only a few widgets and options that are available to you for use.
SQUARESPACE - A NEXT one of the top blogging PLATFORMS The ability to create an extremely successful website that has more functionalities is a aspect that is in high demand in today's market situation. There are many possible website builders that can meet your specific requirements. Squarespace is one of the free blogging platform that offers the added features. You should however, be sure to look at both the positive and negatives before deciding whether or not it's the best blog platform. Pros
  1. It's easy to create and extremely functional. The platform is extremely comfortable to use.
  2. Flexibility and user-friendliness are very higher. Fantastic themes are offered to you for use.
  3. Fast and full-time support is offered to all users of squarespace.
  4. Updates for the user's end are not required , and all updating of themes and plugins is performed on the server side.
  1. Not suitable for sophisticated or demanding customers who want more professionalism from the design. Simple design options are readily available should you choose to pick.
  2. Premium packages are a bit over the price range of the average.
  3. It is not an open source platform.

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